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The secret fat burner success stories

Ursula Jansen van Rensburg; Gauteng

“I am a 38 years old women, a mum to 2 beautiful children and I am here to tell you that The Secret Fat Burner has changed my life. This is my story.

Having kids can create a major increase in bodily fat, especially after child number two. I am sure most women will agree with me that becoming a mother can surely change your life in both a good way and a bad way.

And if you are one of those mothers who enjoy the norms of motherhood, focusing on the kids and just thinking that your husband will love you no matter how fat you become then you like me, are so mislead. After my second child, I have tried various weight loss supplements, you name it I tried it, exercise did not help even eating healthy eating proved to be in my demise.

Nothing seemed to work and everything else in my life seemed to fall apart especially my marriage as my husband did not want to look at me or be intimate with me anymore. This made me more depressed and I began to gain more weight, and not realising that the peek to my downfall was soon to come. The day that changed my whole life was when I was handed those divorce papers. I gained more weight as I became more depressed, had no energy to keep up with my kids, I became miserable and I hated looking at myself in the mirror.


Until one day a co-worker introduced me to The Secret Fat Burner, this weight loss supplement that changed my whole life. I started on the supplement and on day 2 I experienced slight headaches and a dry mouth and I was very irritated. I was still in my stages of depression but it’s also side effects of the supplement but as I read up on the supplement I found that this supplement detoxifies your body in the first few weeks on taking the supplement. I decide let’s keep going its worth a shot as all others failed let me. just keep going. On day 3 I felt that I had this sudden sprout of energy and I seemed to be in better spirits. On day 5 I weighed myself found that I had lost 5 kgs I was rathe very impressed. My moods seemed to get better as the days progressed and I had more energy and I finally could get some sleep. Soon people around me started to see this amazing change in me. I begin to feel more confident about myself, this was significant in my weight loss.


Thanks to the Secret Fat Burner I did lose that fat and get back to my healthy self again, and all this was achieved without a healthy diet plan or going to the gym. My kids loved the new me, I had more energy and more active with my kids, I was confident to go out on the dating scene again and I looked fabulous, all thanks to the Secret Fat Burner. With perseverance and commitment, I achieved the impossible, because of The Secret Fat Burner. Thanks to The Secret Fat Burner I got a new lease on life.”

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